PTS (SA), UK and F4 HOLDINGS, India have the Manufacturing facilities set up at UK and in INDIA, besides to this PTS have tie-ups and association with high end Specialized Machining, Fabrication and Welding workshops within UAE and GCC, with excellent Logistic networks to source the Components, Raw materials, accessories etc.

For its Manufacturing process, PTS Manufacture and supply accessories and fittings for the Onsite field Services including Specialised Pipeline Fittings, such as Hot Tap / Line Stop Tee’s, Fabricated or Forged type, Welding or Bolting type, with Closure Flange and Plugs / Flow Through Guide bar plugs, Hot Tap branch nozzles with RF pads, Gas Bagging Line stop Nozzles with Closure Falange and Plugs, 3 way split Tee’s, Dismantling Joints, Restraint Couplings, End Restraint Flange Adaptor, Stepped Restraint Couplings, Self-Sealing Repair Clamps, We can also custom design and manufacture the Pipe fittings as per the site condition and client’s t Requirement,

JV Patners PTS, UK  and F4 Holdings, India are the Manufacturers of Hot Tapping Machines, Hydraulic Power units, Hot Tapping accessories /fittings, Line stop Equipment and accessories at par with International Standards and Compatible to major brand of Hot Tapping/Line Stopping Equipment.

The PTS, UK  is Innovated few of the Unique Products for the Pipeline work such as Power Valve, Combined Valve Tee and the Power Stop.