Valve Repairs

Valve Release and Valve Repairs allow our Technicians to Complete repairs on Valves without the requirement of shutdown. From a straight forward seized or passing valve to a fractured housing PTS can carry out repairs without service disruption. Under pressure Valve Repacking of leaking valves PTS

can carry out the repairs without the requirement for shutdown or removal of any parts of the Valve

The PTS-VR valve operations, release and assessment system, Valve can often suffer from a number of problems making it not possible to or difficult to operate the valves. The PTS-VR system is modular system that allows valves of all sizes and in all locations to be released and operated, the system incorporates a number of techniques allows the operator to safely operate a monitor the condition of the Valve

Valve Locking and Stabilisation System

The PTS-L System of Valve Locking and Stabilization removes the risk of spindle ejection or rotational movement when working in or around a valve when there is a risk of the thrust retention component failing or it is to be removed. The PTS-L System of Valve Locking and Stabilization is a tried, tested and approved system used in some of the largest UK water companies.