Online Valve Insertion

Online Valve Inserting is the installation of a unique Power Valve into a pressurized system, either mechanical or welded. Power Valve is a new development in the Oil & Gas, Water and process pipeline field wherein a fully functional valve is inserted into a pipeline. Standard valve operating devices can operate the valve rated  up to 16 bar pressure. Sizes 3 Inches to 36 Inches. The valve rated to 16 Bar is s capable of being operated with a standard valve operating key.

The Power Valve will work on any pipelines and can be installed in one excavation. Since there is only a requirement for one excavation instead of the traditional five excavations associated with replacing a large diameter valves using Line Stopping and Bypass the cost savings are immediately apparent Sizes Ranging from 75 mm through to 700 mm 16 Bar Sizes Ranging from 700 mm through 900 mm 10 Bar