Online Leak Sealing

On Line Leak sealing is the process of Sealing pressurized leaks while under continuous pressure to avoid costly shutdowns or unscheduled maintenance downtime. due to this Technology industry now enjoy greater plant uptime maximization, environmental impact minimization and risk reduction PTS can safely and efficiently seal leaks on flanges, pipelines, fittings and valves operating at Cryogenic Temperatures to 927ºC, and at pressures ranging from vacuum to 414 bar, whilst online.

In addition to repairing steam, water and air leaks we can also repair almost all hydrocarbon, chemical and gas leaks. PTS Specially trained Technicians are available to accurately assess your problem and provide the optimum solution in accordance with our strict procedures

Composite Repair for Pipe and Tank Leaks:
* Customized solution for through wall defects for pipes and tank walls.
* Compliant installed by trained and certified applicators.
* Engineering Calculation Report and Method of Statement for each repair ISO 24817 and ASME PCC2 standards.
* Provide excellent strength, bonding and chemical resistance