Hot / Cold Tapping

Hot /Cold Tapping or Under Pressure drilling is the method of attaching a branch connection to existing pipelines or vessels or any other process equipment while the existing system is under pressure. This method employs a Tapping Machine and a full bore valve and either a nozzle or a full encirclement fitting (Split Tee) welded or bolted to the existing pressurized system. The Tapping (drilling) machine, generally consists of a telescopic boring bar mechanically driven by our specially designed gear box which advances a cutting tool. 

PTS can Tap from ½” to 96” sizes; from vacuum to 1480 PSI pressure with a Temperature limit of 700 deg. F. The flange rating is in range of 150 Lbs. through 900 Lbs. ANSI ratings. PTS Tank/Sump/reservoir Hot Tapping (drilling) services can drill through all the main tank walls with reinforcement bars in place. Being Under pressure allows for a new line to branch from the digester/reservoir with a valve in place for flow control. We can drill through a concrete wall of thickness ranging from 200 MM to 1500 MM, with the option to drill in various nominal bore sizes, PTS can undertake such projects on Turnkey basis from Site Survey, Design, Manufacture and Installation.